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Why are Video Courses so helpful?

Why are Video Courses so helpful?

  • 28 January, 2021

Written text has a lot of information and as many words and pages. But the video content is a lot more summarized and easier to understand while learning difficult concepts. Many students can relate to the statement that video lectures helped them grasp the concepts better and remember them for a long time. But why is that? How come video courses help you learn better as compared to the written text? 


They Create a Sense of Presence:

Written text doesn't talk back with you. But the videos do. Teaching you in video courses is there to talk out the concepts and narrate the written book's ideas more persuasively and interactively. Students understand the concepts when they are coming from a more human being and are narrated out. Online courses are even an isolating experience and help students stay more concentrated on the lectures. 

Videos Give a Unique Perspective:

For many years, written knowledge has been a great way of sharing different ideas and perspectives. Every author shows his/her personality through text and shows his way of communication. But now, video is rapidly replacing the transportation of knowledge. It is an easy and inexpensive mode of capturing and distributing content and has also increased the effectiveness of arguments through multimedia. People have unique ideas and perspectives that they can easily share through videos.

Help Demonstrate a Process:

Video is a real choice of showing and telling your ideas and knowledge in an online course. You can also gain the best knowledge and demonstration of ideas through online video courses. Such demonstrations help render complex processes in a more legible way to reach students and benefit from hearing how experts think. It is very important to keep note that the videos which involve demonstrations raise major accessibility concerns. 

Present Intellectual Exchanges:

Through online courses, students get a way to talk to the teachers in forums and personal conversations. The connection of people from different parts of the world brings different intellectuals together and allow an exchange of ideas that bring up even new thoughts and knowledge manifestation. Though a live interaction is needed between teacher and students, video courses allow room for thought and creative thinking. There is the necessary isolation for the process of thought to begin.

These were a few reasons why video courses have proved to be a great source of knowledge and information delivery. You may not always get the right information from books as the plain text seems too much to absorb. But when a human being delivers the same, the level of understanding grows, and one starts being deeply immersed in the contents of the information being delivered.

Have you joined any of the video courses of places like Udemy, Khan Academy, etc.? If you do, you sure would know the amount of accessibility and room for growth you get through multimedia-based knowledge sharing.


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May 06, 2021

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May 06, 2021

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